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  • We would also like to mention that we have loved living in Becquerel Court and we couldn't have had any better property managers or landlords. But we now take the next important steps in our lives and become homeowners.

    Kind regards

    Joe & Lindsay

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    Joe & Lindsay
  • Working with Unique Properties was not only a great experience on a professional level, it was also a joy.
Simon understood from the minute go what the building and our flat are about and what type of people would be interested.
    Although we are now living abroad we have never felt removed from or out of touch with the process and neither did we feel the need to chase. When in the run up to exchange the process became challenging his calm collected manner, advice and counsel gave us the long breath we needed.
    For us it was the 9th time we were buying or selling a flat and Simon has genuinely changed our view of what an estate agent is like. His dedication was beyond the call of duty, our home was his baby as much as it used to be ours
His no-bullshit and no-nonsense attitude in combination with real advice and honesty are not only very refreshing, but also something you can depend on. We have recommended him to close friends who are equally enthusiastic as he sold their house in record time.
    We feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with Simon and we would definitely do so again. A wonderful man to do business with

    Stella & Steve Goodwin, Limehouse Cut, Bow. E3

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    Stella Goodwin
  • Thank you, Simon, for all your help in a very difficult transaction. We could never have done it without you!

    There are more problems ahead no doubt but - for now - we're celebrating!


    Mike and Jessica

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    Mike Wilson
  • We sold our property through Unique Property Company and were delighted with the results. Having previously engaged a mainstream agent, we found that the sort of people they had showing the property just didn’t have the vision and couldn’t get there heads around our unusual space just off the Kings Road.
    We decided to seek an alternative route and Instructed Unique. They found a buyer within a relatively short period and successfully sold the property in a sensible time frame. Simon took calls at times that other agents wouldn’t, and kept in regular contact with us even though we were often out of the country in another time zone.
    We’d have no hesitation is recommending Unique Property Company to anyone selling unusual property, especially if its the personal service that you require.

    Peter Marlowe

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    Peter Marlowe
  • Buying a new home is incredibly stressful mostly. All the things you hadn't realised, all the pernickety dealings with surveyors, mortgage companies, planners, agents and so on. But Simon Stone at Unique Property Company is a dream to deal with. Always calm, always positive, always available with information, solutions and reassurance. I hope never to move again in my life, but if I do we'll be using Unique Property Company for sure.

    Five stars!

    Lindsay Mackie

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    Lindsay Mackie | ,
    Lindsay Mackie
  • You wouldn't expect to develop a friendly relationship with the estate agents who are selling your property. Simon and Lewis, however, who run Unique Property are not only experienced estate agents but are people you can talk to as well. My property appealed to a niche market and took quite a time to sell. Simon and Lewis remained unfailingly patient and positive throughout the whole process and helped to steer my sale to a successful conclusion. I can certainly recommend Unique Property.

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    julian Wright | ,
    julian Wright
  • Unique property are a rare breed. They have assessed the market in such a way that sets them apart from the mainstream property agents: they understand the evolution of people's needs for tenants and landlords in both sales and lettings. They pursue real valuations instead of over inflated valuations. Unique and indispensable for a modern approach to property. JP Defaut

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    JP Defaut
  • Having bought and sold property regularly over the last 25 years, I am pleased to say that Unique Property Company is - without question - the best estate agents that we have ever dealt with. Great communication, solid advice, persistent and patient are just some of the qualities we have seen from Simon Stone and his team. Would not hesitate to recommend them - if you need more info, please contact me.

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    Mike Morrissey | ,
    Mike Morrissey
  • Sold by Unique Property Company.

    Unique Property and Simon Stone were key to the process of achieving the smooth sale of my property.
    Organised and highly professional with a flair for promotion which resulted in a speedy and conclusive sale.
    I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Tot Taylor

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