The Energy Efficient Stijl House

Living in Stijl

The Unique property Company are proud to represent Stijl House, a pioneering and completely affordable solution for anyone considering having a home built to their own specifications.

Each of their bespoke homes is not only individually designed but integrates industry leading innovations in sustainable house design.

At the core of every home is an eco-friendly philosophy, incorporating both high-end contemporary design and energy efficiency

Opening up internal areas to create high vertical voids and dramatic spatial effects, it is Dutch design at its best; minimalist architecture incorporating clean lines and spacious light interiors.

Delivering outstanding energy efficiencies and designed to your specific needs and lifestyle, Stijl Houses set the benchmark for responsible and contemporary living.

A Stijl House is not just about lifestyle; it defines who you are.

The Stijl Longhouse

As well as their wonderful gable ended homes, Stijl House designers have created the Longhouse, a stunning single-level home offering the same levels of eco-sustainability and style.

The Longhouse is designed with a flowing, open plan internal layout but these configurations can always be adjusted. Walls and rooms can be added or removed as needs and lifestyles change.

The Longhouse can be adapted to a various sizes and specifications and the adjoining garage, workshop or office space allows you to connect easily and under cover to the domestic living space.

With its low profile, Longhouses fit well and connect easily with their landscape and make a strong style statement as well as offering a practical and desirable living environment for you to enjoy.

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