Paul Travers

Paul always loved writing about property, right from his very first day as an estate agent in 1986. While his teammates struggled to write descriptions, he was volunteering for every bit of text going: adverts, leaflets, editorials, brochures… anything he could lay his hands on.

He and Simon met around 2000 when they worked in different offices of the same estate agency: Simon in Shoreditch, Paul in London Bridge. Despite going on to open their own separate agencies, they never lost touch.

In 2011 Paul had an epiphany: marketing and writing were not simply bonuses of the job, they were the things that really lit him up. He’d never considered them a career on their own, but that’s exactly what they’ve become.

Since leaving ‘the office’ behind he’s explored a dream of living in other countries, spending 2 years in Amsterdam, 5 in Berlin (including getting married) and  2 in Bucharest, where he’s just renovated an 1930s penthouse in an industrial style – two of his favourite types of interior.

Paul worked as a joint agent many times with Unique in the past, so returning as Content Editor and working alongside Simon again feels like completing a natural circle.

Paul Travers

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