David Macgregor

I handle client services for Unique, despite not being an estate agent or property developer. Actually, I started out as an evolutionary biologist, spending my twenties and early thirties chasing monkeys through sub-saharan African jungle.

As I approached the end of my PhD research on animal communication though, I realised that a life in academia wasn’t for me. I wanted the freedom to travel and work in any part of the world so, using my research and organisation skills, I began supporting small business owners with tasks they didn’t want to do or didn’t have the time to do – all done remotely via the internet. Unique Property Company were one of my first clients. I helped them process email enquiries and kept their database of contacts up to date.

Fast forward ten years: I now live in Paris with my wife and dog, with clients around the world and yes, I still enjoy working with Unique Property Company.

David MacGregor

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