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Owners of Unique Properties can Capitalise

Right now, owners of unique homes can heavily capitalise on a series of positive factors. As well as the stamp duty holiday and generally crazy market activity, the increased shift to working from home is ramping up demand for interesting living spaces, and not just in London: we are experiencing huge interest in the homes we are marketing in the home counties and beyond.

We haven’t really seen such high levels of activity for unique homes before, but the discovery by many people that their lifestyle can change has widened their eyes beyond conventional locations and commuting, and onto what they would truly love for themselves.

And the big advantage for you when selling a unique home is the knowledge among buyers that, if they let somewhere go now, they can’t simply buy the identical house or flat next door like in conventional streets or buildings. Once the chance is gone, it’s gone for many years, and possibly forever, which means buyers are quicker to commit and firmer in their commitment.

It’s also a chance for you to get a really good price. You’ve probably read how the Stamp Duty holiday has produced a riot of activity. Well, that activity has had an upward effect on prices which means if there was ever a time you might ‘get lucky’ on your sale price, that time is now.

Who knows where the market will be next year? The predictions are all over the place and governments everywhere are busy working out how best to keep economies going while keeping people safe, but right now the property market is alive and kicking and will likely stay that way for a couple more months for people wanting to be sure of saving up to £15,000 on Stamp Duty.

Come rain or shine there is always a market for unique property, but when the sun is shining unique homes truly come into their own. While unique homes may not lose so much in value in a falling market, they are the ones that stand the chance of achieving higher-than-average price increases when the market is rising. Like now.

And this opportunity is now, more than ever, possible in the home counties and beyond as the working from home phenomenon becomes a permanent feature in people’s lives. Having discovered that commuting is no longer strictly necessary, many people are realising their dream of a life away from the big city.

That doesn’t mean that London is turning into a ghost town, but it does mean that people with a unique home in the home counties and beyond have an extra opportunity to attract London buyers who are in an enthusiastic and fired-up mood. Their homes are selling rapidly, meaning a whole new audience of ready, willing and able purchasers who might just be after your converted turkey barn, water tower, flour mill or chapel.

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