What is space planning?

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Sophie Bush

In recent weeks, we’ve all spent much more time at home. And, for many of us, we’ve not only been living in our homes but working and/or home schooling there too. Issues around multi-functional spaces and storage dilemmas have been – quite literally – brought home.

Our interior design studio has answered so many enquiries that essentially boil down to using space more efficiently or cleverly. Sometimes, the solution to a problem has been to source space-saving and multi-functional furniture. Modular shelving units and foldaway desks have really come into their own lately. But for many of our clients, there’s an opportunity to reconsider the use of a whole room or areas throughout the entire home. And for this, we offer space planning.


What is home space planning?

Space planning is a fundamental part of the interior design process. Through discussion with a homeowner, we start an in-depth analysis of how spaces are, or will be, used. One of our designers then draws a series of plans to demonstrate how areas might be improved through a variety of adjustments. Following client feedback, we then finesse the preferred solutions.

In this case study, for example, the homeowner wanted to maximise space and storage within a two-bedroom factory conversion. They also wanted an area in which to relax with music and books as well as somewhere to work, while still retaining an open-plan living space that was well-suited to entertaining. Take a look at some of our space plans below. Which solution would you have opted for?

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Our guest contributor Sophie Bush is the founder of Warehouse Home. Warehouse Home combines a specialist real estate agency, interior design studio and online homeware store. The brand also produces an award-winning blog, an internationally renowned magazine and has published a bestselling book. Warehouse Home real estate agency is a sister-agency to Unique Property Company.

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