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“What do you mean you can buy a four bedroom period house with original features, masses of space and a garden, AND the sea at the end of the road and all for the same price as I’m going to be able to get for my poky two-bed flat in London? Lead me to it…”

What is a period property?

A period property is a property that was built during a specific time period, characterised by a certain architectural style. There is no hard and fast rule about which time period a property must be from to qualify for this classification, but it usually refers to a period before World War I.

And so said a huge number of people as they realised that living the London dream wasn’t such a great idea any longer.

If you’re working fairly happily from home now or commuting just a couple of days a week, then why do it all from a tiny space in London when you can get all of the above – and more in terms of quality of life, interesting people, good cultural infrastructure – for the same money?

The south coast is calling you and it‘s no longer just a place for retirees and crazy people. But you need to know what you’re doing or have someone on your side to help you to identify the spots that are going to work for your new future life. Someone who’s already made that important move from London to Hastings and knows how to make it work in every sense of the word. The money has to add up, the commuting – if there is to be any – has to be feasible, the schools need to be right and you have to think carefully before going from the urbane ridiculousness of London to the sublimely rural but ultimately very cut-off life in the middle of nowhere.

Unique Property Company is very different to other estate agents – we take the time to get to know your hopes and plans, as well as the place where you live now. This helps us make your viewings chime and the sales process happier and more effective.

Make no mistake though – nice people though we are, we’re also built on foundations of experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Madelaine is Unique Property Company’s person on the ground based in Hastings and able to advise, find properties and support buyers & sellers through their purchase & sale of property in Sussex and Kent. She made the move from South East London to Hastings nearly four years ago. Improbably she has been known to suggest to excited potential buyers that certain properties just wouldn’t work for them. “What Madelaine offers is more like property coaching than estate agency selling” reported one happy new Sussex resident.

The Telegraph listed Unique Property Company in its Top 20 Small Estate Agents in Britain with the line “This company found a niche – one-off properties – and dominates it”.

We’re always on the lookout for interesting and unique properties to represent for vendors and to bring to buyers looking to make that important life-changing move into Sussex and happy to talk to you about your property search and your property sale, please contact Madelaine on 078551 35249.

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