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Simon has been very bouncy in the last week. Whenever we talk he’s had some positive complimentary feedback from some quarter, whether from an owner who’s invited him in for some advice on their home, or some random person he’s ended up in conversation with and dropped his profession into the mix.

“Everyone I talk to knows someone with an unusual property” he beamed. I bet he didn’t hear much of that in Bromley, and I certainly didn’t hear it much in South Croydon or Norbury.

Apparently, the minute Simon starts waxing lyrical about selling unique homes, everyone wants a chat. They start telling him about their friend’s place, or their own, or – quite charmingly – about their dream property. The sort of place they’d finally like to end up in, or to have as their little retreat, or whatever.

Simon’s been finding it all rather lovely: “It’s very different to the reaction I got many years ago when was a high street estate agent. Conversation rarely followed.”

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