Unfitted symphony: the Beckham kitchen isn’t the only rule-breaker

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Paul Travers

Ever since the Beckham documentary dropped on Netflix, Vic’n’Dave’s home has become an obsession of the design press, most recently with Homes & Gardens magazine purring over the trend-defying Beckham kitchen.

Of course, in the world of unique homes, trends are rarely followed either: they get set, or they get ignored! So in-keeping with Beckham kitchen mania and in celebration of breaking all the rules, here are six homes with unconventional kitchens to cook up a storm.


Anything goes

This majorly eclectic kitchen at a converted shoe factory in Hackney blends multiple styles in a seemingly haphazard but highly astute curation.

Modern vintage and urban rustic are paired with industrial details and even hints of cottagecore to enchanting effect, and the melange continues throughout the apartment’s 1151 sq ft.

£1,200,000 – click here to discover Tudor Road


Bohemian rhapsody

Almost dispensing with the idea of a kitchen altogether (certainly in the way we’ve come to arrange them at any rate), this artistic two-bedroom duplex sits over a retail parade on one of London’s most internationally famous streets, Columbia Road.

Divided between a cooking zone at one end of the open-plan living space, and a prepping and storage spot next door in the hallway, the unlikely arrangement is nonetheless practical and reassuringly fun.

£765,000 – click here to explore Columbia Road



Island life

Instead of cupboards lining the walls, this 1050 sq ft converted warehouse in Shoreditch has a single island at one end of the living room paired with open shelves against a background of exposed brick.

The absence of eye-level units gives the sense of added volume, with extra help from huge warehouse windows at either end of an almost entirely open-plan interior that exudes a raw industrial warmth.

Warehouse apartment for sale in shoreditch

£825,000 – click here to explore Mallow Street



Wild wood

With a solid wood plank for a worktop and custom made cupboards in rough timber supported on cast iron brackets, the fitted-but-not-fitted kitchen at this medieval hall in Hastings has a rugged country aesthetic without being remotely twee.

In fact you could apply that description to the whole place with its wonky walls, ubiquitous ceiling beams, beautiful leaded windows and all-round irresistible character. With more than 2700 sq ft over three floors with five bedrooms, three living rooms and flexible workspaces, the house is both a slice of history and a barnstorming modern home.

£950,000 – click here to explore All Saints Street



Gone but not forgotten

These last two may have already been snapped up, but they’re still a fine source of visual stimulation and artistic inspiration.



Coming around again

The circular floor plate of this two-storey live work house in Wood Green immediately puts it outside the rigid format of the fitted kitchen – there’s hardly a straight wall or ninety degree angle in sight!

So the kitchen here is split into sections that follow the curve between wonderfully large windows, with open shelving above and below timber worktops. Ironically, the decidedly outside-the-box design produces the perfect working triangle.

Click here to revisit The Mushroom House



History repeating

Hands-down the most astonishing scene-setting we’ve ever encountered, this Huguenot house in the heart of Spitalfields represents an extraordinary commitment to loving conservation and artful curation.

The interior plays with your mind a bit as it takes you back in time with so much historical detailing, but then snaps you right out of it with show-stopping mid-century furnishings and the odd industrial fitting like a stainless steel worktop above original kitchen cabinets.

Click here to revisit Princelet Street


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