Umoya Design

Umoya Design was set up as an umbrella brand to collaborate with other designers and crafters to provide products that reflect intrinsically good design, simple elegance and the bold use of colour. Our bowls in telephone wire from Zenzulu, renowned for its fusion of contemporary design with traditional Zulu weaving techniques, exemplifies this principle. Whilst pursuing successful careers in television, a passionate interest in strong, functional design has been an integral part of our lives – we are fascinated by form, function and the ingenious use of material and techniques, both new and old, to fashion the beautiful out of the practical. A large proportion of our range and all of our own products are handmade and this we hope gives them a unique, exceptional and exclusive flavour. We also hope that you will discover in each of them a depth in design and a knowledge of craft that is unattainable in the mass-produced. It is a prime concern that all of our produce originates from well-sourced materials in a sound environment.


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