Time For A Change.

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We’ve something very special, to show you very soon.

Before too long, you’ll be seeing a totally different side to Unique Property Company.

Over the last year or so, the way in which people use our website has changed dramatically: so much so, that we’ve been reflecting on how to develop its functionality to accommodate these evolving habits.

Rather than using our site like a regular estate agency – turn up, look for property, leave –  people are treating the pages more like a magazine and we’ve been scratching our heads around how we might reflect that shift in behaviour, without turning the website into something high on concept but impossible to navigate.

There’s not much worse in the online world than being trapped in a website that makes no sense. So it’s been a balance of keeping a structured environment for anyone with a clear and firm intention – if all you want to do is look for your next home, you should be able to do that – while also meeting the demand for flitting about and random browsing. And, at last, we think we’ve found the answer: all will be revealed most soon.

Of course, as soon as you change one room, the whole house is ripe for a makeover. So in the midst of remaking your browsing experience, we thought we’d have a go at the whole brand – and we don’t mind saying there’s more than a little excitement around here of what we’ll shortly be able to show you. 

It can be hugely difficult finding a logo or an image or a colour combination than can simply and succinctly sum up your entire company ethos in an instant (and without the embarrassment of having to explain it). If people don’t get it, it must go in the bin.

But seeing the designs of our new website come to life had the effect of parting the clouds around ideas for our new livery, with a heart-stopping, air-punching, and refreshingly thirst-quenching eureka! moment happening just last week. We can’t say much more yet, but if anything were to portray the very essence of being unique, we think it might be this.

So do please stick around: we should have something to unveil within the next couple of months.

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