Why an Instagram post takes us 45 minutes

You’ll find plenty of estate agents on Instagram busily posting their sold boards, performance charts and latest listings; but there’s an art to using Instagram properly. Unfortunately, artistry is not something connected with the estate agency industry, and you’ll never hear a photographer say: “Let’s do this shoot like that estate agent takes their photos”.

In the main, estate agency is full of salespeople and not marketers, which is hugely apparent through most property photography. For us, that’s not just not very inspiring and is one reason why half the Unique team consists of marketers. They spend their entire time tinkering and asking questions like “how could that be better?” and “what could we do next?”.

There’s a lot to be said for the phrase: “If something’s worth doing, then its worth doing well.” And when it comes to Instagram, doing something well means dedicating some time and thought, rather than knocking out a post over a sandwich in the car between viewings.

So here’s how we go about it.

The process starts the day before by selecting the property to be posted. Instagram is all about beautiful photos, and our architectural photographers take social media into account on their visits. We’re also mindful of how people walk around homes: rarely do they stand in a corner to recreate the typical estate agency shots of the 1990s.

We use multiple photographs on our posts to capture the essence of every home. The images go into a template that gives them a larger border to add some extra white space around them in the Instagram feed. Think of how an art gallery displays its pieces: they have room to breathe and room to be experienced.

Next, an excerpt from the description is selected and a catchy title or headline created to pique someone’s interest and get them reading further. That’s followed by choosing the right hashtags for the property or location. We keep banks of hashtags for property types and unique homes, but additional work goes into finding the most searched for and impactful hashtags for each new listing’s location.

Finally, we add the URL for the property to our links page which sits permanently on our Instagram profile and gives each post a longer shelf-life. (If we had to change our profile link for each new listing we’d effectively kill the potential for responses to the previous one.)

Now the post is live; it’s time to create an Instagram story for the same property.

IG stories are in portrait format, which means selecting alternative images, and our photographers now take more portrait shots to capitalise on the broader reach of Instagram Stories. This time we include middle or close-up shots for a more intimate experience that shows off a home’s materials and features: details like fireplaces, ornate plasterwork, taps and views are rarely the centre of attention in wide-angle shots, but are often critical factors in someone’s decision to buy.

Next, we add a link to Swipe Up that goes to the full details on our website, and then we find a way to add some subtle hashtagging: we’re mindful of retaining the integrity of the images without smothering them in text.

There you have it. It takes about 45 minutes to get each post right, and there is a noticeable difference in the level of engagement when so much time goes into creating something beautiful.

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