Spring 2022 property market: what it means for unique homes

spring 2022 property market
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Paul Travers

Ah yes, spring. Estate agents are celebrating the Spring 2022 property market up and down the land. Finally, a bounty of homes for sale with the reliable annual push for a summer move.


Err, not this year! Or at least, not so far.



Estate agents reported an increase of 3.5% in homes for sale in the four weeks to March 20th, but it’s hardly the abundance we usually see at this time of year and certainly not enough to dent the supply gap. Going into spring 2022, the UK has the largest discrepancy that anyone can remember between buyers looking and homes available.


It’s pushing prices continually higher, with 8% year-on-year reported from lenders and portals as buyers do whatever they can to secure whatever comes up for sale. And all as the biggest annual driver of the property market is about to begin.



Spring is the only season fuelled by a non-negotiable deadline for a huge and particular group of people: families looking to move in the summer holidays to be ready for the new school year.



Spring 2022 property market for unique homes
Flowering up: the garden at a unique 5/6 bedroom family home in St Leonards

Moving home at half term, Christmas and Easter are popular and convenient, but rarely as set in stone as getting the keys before September. People move heaven and earth to settle their children in time, so today’s supply gap could fade in the blink of an eye. That’s assuming the yearly family frenzy kicks in, which it’s never failed to do yet.



Enough of the conventional market; what does the current supply shortage mean if you’re selling a unique home? Ultimately, a life-changing price for your property and the chance to turn any pipe dreams into reality.


Many people who sell their unique homes through us are making big life changes. We see plenty of relocations for work, fun or retirement, both here and overseas. Others already have a second home they’ve holidayed in over the years and now want to make their permanent base. Lengthy travel adventures also make up the running. For all of them, the conditions are perfect.


But what if your dream hinges on finding another home? How on earth will you find one if there’s nothing for sale? And if the conventional market is empty of property, what about people selling unique homes? Surely there are fewer of them than ever?


Well, sort of. But as with every crisis, there’s always an opportunity if you know where to look for it.



Many homes that sell never appear online, and we’re not just talking about a tiny fraction of activity. A lot is happening under the radar, with 20% of London property sales off-market in the first three months of 2022.


In fact, we’re now launching a Secret Homes service for anyone who wants to avoid the glare of the open market. That might be for extra privacy, or simply to limit viewings to a select, hand-picked audience.

Spring 2022 property market for unique homes
About to bloom: terracotta pots in the gravelled courtyard of The Cork House in Forest Gate

Whether or not that’s right for you, the point is that far more homes are available to buy than you can see. But the only people who get to know about them are the ones ready to go. Nobody else gets the call.



If you own a unique home, perhaps you’ve been umming and ahhing over the right time to sell. Well, the current market conditions have created a momentous opportunity to achieve an exceptional price and fund whatever you want to do.


And if you are looking to buy another home, remember that accepting an offer doesn’t mean you have to move out right away. But having a buyer is the key that opens the door to many more homes for sale, on- and off-market. Even if it looks like there’s nowhere to go, the chances are there probably is. More than that, we’ll do everything we can to help you find it.


Could now be the time to make the move you’ve always wanted to make? We’d love to hear all about your plans! Call us on 020 7917 9995 or email us at [email protected] for a confidential chat, so you can decide if the moment is right. 


You can also request a full market appraisal right here.



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