Secret Listings.



As well as the properties live in our website, we carry a secret register of unique homes where the owners value discretion over publicity.

There are many more of these people than you might think: not everyone wants to see their home plastered all over the internet and in the Sunday supplements. And many don’t want a constant stream of viewers traipsing through.

That doesn’t mean they’re not serious about selling. They are as up for it as anyone else, but for any number of reasons would like to retain some privacy.

We match people to these properties by really getting a handle on exactly what turns them on and what they are actually going to buy. We don’t tell most people about the homes on the list because we’re either not entirely sure they know what they want, or we’re not entirely sure they’re going to buy. But when those two qualifying factors are clear, that’s when we introduce them to the secret register.

So if you’re looking to sell a unique property but would like to avoid the traditional all-guns-blazing approach, why not get in touch to talk about how we can tailor a quiet campaign that suits you, and only you?

And if you’re a particularly particular purchaser looking to buy a particularly particular property, it’s well worth talking to us so we can keep an eye out for you.

And just in case you were wondering: no, you can’t be too particular.

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