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Rental Squalor Outlawed.

Big news for tenants yesterday when the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act came into force. Yes, residential accommodation must now be provided and maintained in a liveable state, and it’s only 2019: just look how far we’ve come. As my father would say: “You couldn’t make it up.”

Fortunately the homes we have to rent at Unique come some way up the ladder from the horrendous places you see popping up on the news and social media. That people have to live in such conditions absolutely beggars belief and it’s criminal that landlords have been ultimately allowed to get away with it since the Romans left (could their departure have been due to the standard of living)?

Everyone understands the concept of minimising expenditure and maximising profits, but ruining the lives and indeed health of your tenants is inexcusable. It’s great that we finally have a law, but you’d hope common decency might also make a showing.

Of course, it’s pea-brained thinking on the part of culpable landlords (and from previous experience of high street agency, landlords with the slummiest homes are rarely the brightest sparks). Perhaps they haven’t yet made the correlation between the quality of the property and the amount of rent; perhaps they even pay more for homes in worse condition than impeccably maintained ones.

Just in case they’re struggling, let’s spell it out for them: the nicer your property, the higher the rent, the less hassle for you and the bigger the increase in value. There.  I’ve kept the syllables at a maximum of two (apart from chancing my arm with ‘property’,) so let’s hope the message hits home.

Utter madness (but about time too).

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