Praise From The Church (Sort Of).

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Completely out of the blue, Simon got an email the other day calling him stratospheric.

The email came from a couple whose converted church Simon had sold about six months ago. The guys are now looking for a home in France where, apparently, estate agency en continent leaves a lot to be desired!

The property we sold was a unique home indeed, a former church hall in Clapham with a good degree of grit in original floorboards and blasted brickwork coupled with a fair degree of camp: big pink lips stencilled onto the staircase wall and some obligatory pink flamingo and  Marilyn Monroe pop art action.

While Simon was telling me about the place he sent me the youtube video – click here if you’d like to see for yourself – and I’ve gone completely gaga over the sexy black school-style radiators. I’m in the middle of renovating an apartment right now and my eyes are very often on heating, so these really touched a spot.

Anyway, the guys in France are having a terrible time with the estate agents over there who, somewhat ironically in a place called Cannes, seem like a very can’t-do lot indeed. And they charge six percent! Maybe we’re missing a trick…

The compliment Simon got was: “Compared to London agents you were amazing… compared to Cannes agents you are stratospheric !”

Needless to say it put a spring in Mr Stone’s step. Of course we all love a bit of praise, but it’s extra special to remain in someone’s heart or mind long after they’ve collected their keys. Simon is unquestionably one of the most helpful estate agents I’ve ever met, so I never find it surprising when someone drops him a line of thanks. He’s extraordinarily generous with his time and absolutely dogged in getting a sale to completion, very often in the face of events seemingly conspiring to make very the opposite thing happen.

So if anyone deserves a bit of acknowledgement, it’s him. And we wish our former clients experience a bit more bonne chance before too long in France!

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