New trading standards for property listings: ten things all sales & lettings must now state upfront

Paul Travers

Paul Travers

Sales and lettings properties all need to 10 things that estate agents need to check n every sales and lettings property since October 2023

Ten things estate agents need to check under the new legislation.

Relevant not just for the sales and lettings contract but also for someone being able to say they have wasted their time and taken an afternoon off work or arranged childcare and lost money.


1) The price


This might sound obvious, but since 2022 is no longer been acceptable to use the term Price on Application. Price must now be displayed as a numerical figure, although you can use trends like Guide Price and Offers Over.

2) Additional avoidable costs

Including Council Tax Band, business rates, ground rent, service charge, management fees


3) Mobile and broadband


Broadband and phone signal – family with children who rely on the internet for doing homework, people working from home, and a signal for emergencies


4) Construction method


Need to supply details about the property’s construction, connected utilities, mains water or septic tank, etc

Along with the type of property and the accommodation including measurements for rooms and outdoor space like gardens, balconies and terraces as well as any parking and where it is located.


5) Geographical risks


Flood risk – must be mentioned in the details (every single listing they take on – on the government website)

Coastal erosion – selling by the coast 100 yards of the sea

Coalfield or mining area – is a property near a mining tunnel in which case must a report be issued by the coal mining authority.

Flight paths: need to look up international airports, private airports and even military bases to see if anything will fly over the property.


6) Location


Conservation areas and listed building status – while these are both usually selling points, they also come with restrictions around improvements and alterations that could seriously put the XX on a buyer’s future plans.

7) Restrictions and rights of way


Easement MUST go in like a shared driveway to a garage or a public right of way across your land, like a footpath separating your house from your garden.

8) Nearby planning permissions


Planning permissions affecting neighbouring homes

If works are planned by major utilities for broadband and it will remove parking spaces on the street for a prolonged period and make it impossible for owners to park outside their home.


9) Accessibility


Accessible issues – i.e. a bungalow might be expected to appeal to people with mobility issues, but requires 100 steps to access it.

Similarly if a property has extra accessibility improvements like a stairlift or ramp that affects what someone without mobility issues might want in a property and would need to rip out to restore the building to its expected configuration.

10) Dangers


Unsafe materials like cladding or asbestos together with any risk of collapse

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