London houseboats for sale: sail away from stamp duty

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Paul Travers

Discover the life aquatic and wake up every day to the gentle sway of the water with this unique collection of London houseboats for sale. More than a place to live, they offer an experience like no other 


London’s houseboats provide a captivating blend of city living and natural beauty in some of the capital’s most picturesque corners. They’re also exempt from stamp duty, saving you thousands of pounds in upfront costs.


Whether it’s the modern urban vibe of South Marina Docks in Rotherhithe, the iconic view of Tower Bridge from Hermitage Moorings in Wapping, or the leafy tranquillity of Cumberland Basin at Regents Park, each location offers its own distinct character. 


Every day feels like a getaway when your home is on a canal, river, or quay, so get ready to explore these London houseboats for sale and experience the best of both worlds – the dynamic pulse of the city, and the serene embrace of its waterways.


Labor Vincit

London houseboats for sale

An historic Dutch barge of 960 sq ft with unmatched views of Tower Bridge and remarkable proximity to central London on its permanent residential mooring at Wapping. 

London houseboats for sale

Inside, you’ll find three cabins, an open plan living room, a bathroom and separate loo, a cosy wheelhouse and all home comforts, including a wonderful community at the resident-managed-and-owned Hermitage Moorings.

£655,000 – click here to discover Labor Vincit


Kaapsea Drai

London houseboats for sale

An impressive and unique piece of history that sits in the enviable South Dock Marina in Rotherhithe, this Dutch barge from 1906 has white walls, oak wooden floors and numerous portholes creating a calm, light and bright interior.

London houseboats for sale

Across 1,279 sq ft (128m²) you’ll find a spacious and breezy open plan living space with  sitting, dining room and kitchen areas, along with a large 28 ft double bedroom and a bathroom.

£280,000 – click here to discover Kaapsea Drai


The Mothership

London houseboats for sale

A well-trodden path, just across the water from Primrose Hill, brings you to the Cumberland Basin in Regents Park, and here, with a beautiful view across to the Broadway Bridge and St Mark’s Church, is where you’ll find The Mothership on its permanent mooring and deck.

London houseboats for sale

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail define the bespoke nature of the 391 sq ft interior with warm walnut and rosewood throughout the two bedrooms, open plan sitting, dining and kitchen areas, and shower room.

£600,000 – click here to discover The Mothership



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