Just what is “unique enough”?

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Simon Stone

We’ve enjoyed selling some of the most alternative spaces in the UK, but the age-old question we’re asked is always: “is my property unique enough for you”?

The answer might surprise you.

When is a property “unique”?

When we describe the properties that we sell as being “unique”, some of our clients can be intimidated by that word. They may imagine that we only sell castles and mansions, windmills and curiosities, warehouses and converted industrial units. All of those kinds of property do fall under the criteria of our portfolio, and we relish the challenge of selling an unusual property. But we also love working with our clients to sell their properties that don’t necessarily have multi-million-pound price tags attached to them. We get just as engaged with the sale of a modern apartment with a sea view or a lovely family home that just happens to have some great features or a desirable location. They just have to have that “something” about them, or even if they’re one flat in a block, to have been treated in a “one of a kind” way.

The property that Unique Property Company takes on its books needs to have something distinctive about it. And that distinction can come in all sorts of different ways. Right now, we’re marketing some modern London apartments and houses with a high-end spec, an apartment with a cinematic view of the Sussex coastline, and we’re just about to be instructed on a water tower. All are unique in their own ways.

Calling our estate agency Unique Property Company may have seemed audacious and slightly challenging, but Simon Stone, the owner and founder of the company, knew that it wasn’t only the properties that were going to set us apart but also the way that we behaved towards our clients. “It’s always been really important to me that we treat our clients – sellers and buyers – as we’d want to be treated ourselves,” says Simon. “So if that means that we go the extra mile, spend more on professional photography, think differently about our marketing and just behave like nice human beings, we’re happy people because that means that we’re genuinely unique in our approach to property”.

“This also means that many of our clients return to us repeatedly when they’re selling or buying because we’ve built relationships with them and truly “get” their taste, understand their personal circumstances and grow with them as their situations change.”

So don’t ever be intimidated by our name. Everybody is unique, and when it comes to property, there are many ways to interpret the word “unique”. We’re on top of all of that.

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