Why I’m selling my #unique space:

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This week, we talk to actor, Charlie Cox, about his London home and why its time to move on.

Why I’m selling my #unique space: This week, we talk to actor, Charlie Cox, about his London home and why its time to move on.

We met up again with Charlie between Christmas and new year. Taking time out of his hectic schedule, we popped back to his quirky Victorian home, sandwiched between Highbury and Clissold Park, which he purchased through Unique Property Company a few years ago.

“Toads Hall”, is unlike anything else in the row of smart, period properties which it caps off.  The position of the front door for a start, means the floor area of the living room is used to the full. Originally, the house had just the two floors, but Charlie’s passion for design led to a roof top extension which has literally transformed it. Added about a year ago, once installed, it turned an unusual space in to a generous family home. Admittedly, you’ll not be moving in with three teenagers and an entourage of cats and dogs, but it would comfortably accommodate a couple and smaller kids. And thats the point really, with the area around the house developing so much in the last few years, its become something of a mecca for young families, great for kids and for the mums and dads who aren’t  quite ready to loose their urban routes, it’s the right side of hipster.

So, over to the little Q & A with the owner.

How long have you been at your place ?

I bought Toads Hall in August 2013

What first attracted you to it?

When I was looking to buy I never settled on an area. I knew there were a few places in London that i would like to live in. What i wanted more than anything was Character. A home that you walked into and was unlike anything you had seen before. When i first walked in to the house i felt like I was in a country cottage in the centre of London. That has remained my favourite thing about the house.

The other thing that i loved was for my budget i was only being shown flats. Because of the size of this house it was priced alongside some apartments which was so appealing to me. No share of Freehold and you get your own front door. Now it doesn’t have a garden but (and i know i would say this being the seller) you are in Clissold park in 20-30 seconds. What would you do with a Garden?!!!

Where did you live before?

I had lived in SW3 a few years before but when i bought the house i was returning from a few years in NY. This is why I designed the loft bedroom the way i did. I wanted it to feel like a NY loft apartment!

How long did it take you to find your property?

6 months. There are so many places that tick every box but that don’t have the unique feel. Good layouts, good square footage but you feel like you are in a box!

What have you done to the place since you purchased?

I Opened up the kitchen and Living room and installed the breakfast Bar. I also had the butchers block built and installed. I built the dressing room and the master bedroom (redesigning the “old master” into a second bedroom adding all the cupboard space) Repainted the whole house.

Favourite room in the place and why?

The fire place is probably my favourite thing. The idea that you can live in the centre of London, but go for a walk in one of 3 parks nearby and then come home and light the fire still blows my mind.

The top floor Obviously is very special to me particularly the shower with the skylight. I am so pleased with how the dressing room came out. I was nervous that would be a waste of space but it has been fantastic. There is so much room there and it means you don’t have to have anything in the master bedroom other than a bed. No clutter whatsoever. The cellar should also get a mention. I Love having all that storage space. It’s wood panelled as well so clean and dry!

How have you found living in the area?

The area has changed a great deal with a-lot of money coming into the area. More and more cafe’s and restaurants every year and there are so many different shopping areas a stone throws away. Highbury Barn, Stoke Newington Church street, Upper street.

Favourite Coffee house/deli ?

Finks Salt and Sweet, 2 minute walk away.  http://finks.co.uk/

Why are you selling?

Moved back to NY for good this time!

Where are you moving on to next?


Toads Hall is for sale through Unique Property Company for £1,150,000 FH

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