Idyllic modern home with artist studio in the woods

Picture of Danny Brewer

Danny Brewer

Looking for a home with an artist studio? Thinking about upping sticks from London? Seduced by modern architecture and nature? Then read on!


Making the move from urban London to settle in rural Essex is a big deal. Only if you found the perfect property would it make sense to embrace the ultimate heart-over-head decision. You’d probably also want the comfort of a nearby town for an artisanal coffee or cultural fix. And perhaps a station for the odd jaunt into the City, ideally with a journey time around half an hour.

Idyllic modern home in Essex with artist studio

What if you found a modern home in the middle of a forest, surrounded by nature and with an artist studio in the garden? And what if it was just 7 minutes from Billericay town centre? That’s just what the current owners of Dapple House were hoping for, and it’s just what they found. When they came to view, they couldn’t think of a single reason not to move in.

‘The tranquillity is unprecedented, and the studio is exactly what we needed from a separate office: calm, tranquil, and ideal for shutting ourselves away with no disturbances’.

The artist studio at an idyllic modern home in Essex

You can use the artist studio for a multitude of purposes: photography, painting, sculpting, writing, yoga… Whatever you need from a creative, spiritual or professional stance, it’s the perfect retreat from the world.

The north-facing aspect is an intentional feature of the original owners, a painter and an architect. Because of their forethought, the resulting daylight is perfect for creating your masterpiece. More than that, the studio doesn’t roast in the sun or cause screen glare.

Inside the artist studio at a modern home in Essex

The house is perfectly poised in the heart of protected Norsey Wood, with woodland creatures roaming in the garden. Oblivious to you viewing them from your artist studio sanctuary, they’re yet another delightful presence.

You can see the full description, gallery and floor plan of the house and artist studio right here.

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