I don’t know where to start



I know that now is the right time to move out of London but I don’t know where to start…

The reports are real; city dwellers are re-focusing their sights on life outside of their urban areas. Working from home has proved to be a real thing that isn’t just the preserve of the self-employed and people who favour all-day pyjama wear. Shifting the focus of life towards family and wellbeing is now realistic rather than just a fantasy for the equally fantastic concept of retirement.

“Working from home over these past few months has changed my view on lots of parts of my life” said Jane, a well qualified professional working in finance. “I’ve (mostly) enjoyed spending more time with my two kids and I certainly don’t miss the daily commute. So now feels like the right time to shift things completely and to move out of London, cash in on our pretty average house and find something nicer and quite probably bigger in Sussex. I just don’t know how to choose wisely…”

It’s not an unfamiliar story and it’s also not an unfamiliar or an unreasonable question. What’s needed here is a relationship that you can trust with an estate agent who’s made that same move from London and knows the opportunities in the property market in Sussex. And that doesn’t mean just putting your name on the books of dozens of estate agents who operate in the broad geographic area that you think that you’re drawn to. It means spending time with one really good agent who is prepared to find out more about you, your family and just what it is that you’re looking for.

“It’s a question of not knowing what I don’t know when it comes to searching for the right home in Sussex” said David, another professional who’s keen to base himself and his partner outside of London but in the commutable-territory of East Sussex. “I spend hours on online property sites pouring over what seem like amazing properties in amazing places. Then we try to fix bookings and they’re very often already under offer or we rush off to visit them only to find that several significant aspects of the property or the location won’t work for us.”
Enter Madelaine: she’s Unique Property Company’s person on the ground, based in Hastings and able to advise, find properties and support buyers & sellers through their purchase & sale of property in Sussex and Kent. She made the move from South East London to Hastings herself nearly four years ago. Improbably she has been known to suggest to excited potential buyers that certain properties just wouldn’t work for them.

“What Madelaine offers is more like property coaching than estate agency selling” reported one happy new Sussex resident.

The Telegraph listed Unique Property Company in its Top 20 Small Estate Agents in Britain with the line “This company found a niche – one-off properties – and dominates it”.

We’re always on the lookout for interesting and unique properties to represent for vendors and to bring to buyers looking to make that important life-changing move into Sussex and happy to talk to you about your property search and your property sale, please contact Madelaine on 078551 35249.

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