Bermondsey warehouse apartment becomes our office for the day

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Paul Travers

Continuing our Home Office series: the team spend the day working from a Bermondsey warehouse apartment, where the creativity flows!

There’s nothing like changing your environment to fuel inspiration, and the exposed bricks and rugged industrial character of this live-work apartment on Tyers Gate in SE1 certainly did the trick!

But what exactly does our team get up to when we borrow our clients’ homes for a day? Although we answer enquiries, book viewings and chase along sales, we usually use our transformed working environment to brainstorm ideas. Anything from the glamour of marketing to the humdrum of procedures to make our clients’ lives easier.

The Unique Property Company team at a Bermondsey warehouse apartment

One of the ideas to come out of the Tyers Gate session was to produce standalone blog articles for each of our listings. While the property description does exactly what it says on the tin, there’s another side to selling and letting unique homes, and that’s the back story of the owners.

We wrote an article a while ago about how we often receive far more enquiries through our website than through the property portals. That’s because buyers and tenants looking for unique homes get bored of scrolling through conventional listings. They start googling instead, which makes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) a crucial part of attracting them. Part of that is tagging images and using keywords, but there’s a whole lot more that can affect how easily people can find us.

Some SEO nerdery for you

Turning up our SEO with blogs gives us a permanent trail for particular types of property long after we’ve sold or let a home. As an example, if we sell a Clerkenwell loft or a London mews house, the blog keeps popping up on the radar of future buyers and tenants, who then register with us for when the next property comes up.


It also means the opportunity for internal and external links, which Google loves! Having a separate description and blog for every property means they can link back to each other, and the more links to your pages, the more Google rewards you.

industrial soace for sale in tyers gate se1

External links help the internet go around and add authority to your pages, often leading to evidence that backs up an article. For instance, lower down in this blog, you’ll find the links to a couple of places in SE1 where the team went for lunch and later for beers after work.


Effective SEO is also judged on the quality of the writing, including the length of sentences and how the paragraphs are broken up. It’s even subjected to a readability test! That might sound a lot, but if it means we make it easier for people to find a unique home to live in, then it’s all worth it.


The team’s impressions of Tyers Gate

Madelaine isn’t too familiar with the area and is up from Hastings for the day. She found Bermondsey Street fascinating and saw it as that rare combination for an urban setting – “perfect for families and pieds-a-terre.”

We don’t often pair those two markets, but you’ll see plenty of strollers and papouses in the streets alongside city workers and creatives. It’s part of what makes SE1 such an interesting place to live because it’s so much more than a hipster monoculture.

Madelaine & Simon of Unique Property Company at a Bermondsey warehouse apartment

Danny, who usually spends his days in North London, found his time at the warehouse a total treat. “Working and living in something like this is perfect. The layout manages to be open, show off the industrial character, and offer separate zones for living, working and sleeping. It’s just a great example of what you’d expect from a Bermondsey warehouse apartment.”


A bit of a history buff, Danny loved the originality of the loft and the local heritage, including Leather Market Gardens. This lovely local park used to be a real leather market with a canal where barges brought their hides to be treated on nearby Tanner Street.

Apartment for sale in tyers gate se1

Something else that everyone appreciated about the apartment was the through-breeze. Those big Victorian windows let in plenty of light and air that kept the interior comfortably cool, despite the heat.


Eating and drinking on Bermondsey Street


Everyone needs a break, and to explore the neighbourhood for purely research purposes (and not for their own pleasure), the team opted for tapas at the lively Jose on Bermondsey Street. It’s the perfect spot to eat, chat and recharge before heading back to the apartment for an afternoon of further estate agenting.


In the evening, after a productive day in wonderful surroundings,  we trotted off to Brood for some well-earned beers. Surrounded once more by lovely exposed bricks, it was the perfect stepping stone from loft living to going home.

Danny and Simon at Brood on Bermondsey Street SE1

We’ve got even more ideas to share about from our day at Tyers Gate, but that’s enough for today!

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