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Off market home for sale in London
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Paul Travers

A lot of buyers and sellers we deal with absolutely hate using property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. If they could, they’d much rather find or sell a unique home off-market.


For buyers, it takes far too long to find what they want because there’s no search option for a one-of-a-kind space. And for sellers, it’s off-putting to have their home lost in a crowd of convention, and neither do they want a stream of unsuitable viewers traipsing through.

Off-market home in East London
Off-market warehouse apartment for sale in East London

Over the years, we’ve put together several sales on homes that weren’t available on the open market. Sometimes it’s been a simple case of right time, right place. A buyer registers with us, and we’ve seen the perfect home for them that hasn’t yet come up for sale. 


Other times we’ve found a buyer among our list of connections. A seller had said they’d move for a certain price, but they wanted some discretion.

Off-market home in Camberwell
Off-market chapel conversion for sale in Camberwell

Today, we meet more and more buyers and sellers hoping to find or sell a unique home off-market. In response, we’ve launched a special service to make that desire an easier prospect: Unique Private Portfolio is our way of helping committed buyers and sellers to move home on their own terms. 

Off-market home in Hackney
Off-market contemporary home for sale in Hackney

Instead of portal trawling and traipsing masses, Unique Private Portfolio offers a dedicated and password-protected section of our website. It’s available only to a few accepted buyers, so there are no casual browsers and no unwanted publicity.

Off-market home in Chelsea
Off-market workshop conversion for sale in Chelsea

It’s a great escape if you’re committed to moving home but find the scrum of the open market a bit of a turn-off.


Would you like to sell your unique home in confidence, or apply for access to the Unique Private Portfolio? Then click here to contact our team, and we’ll get right back to you.


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