Duty Calls From Dawn Till Dusk.

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On duty dawn till dusk. What estate agents do

If you’ve ever wondered what estate agents do for their money, try this one for size.

Simon is currently managing a sale that covers three time zones: we, along with the property, are in London; the owners are in Palm Springs; the buyer is in Singapore. That’s about the most diverse triangle of time as you can get, meaning that Simon is communicating on this one from roughly 6am to 11pm. Could we add another city to keep him up all night? If only someone’s conveyancer was based in Auckland…

Despite – or perhaps, because of – the time differences, our Mr Stone is rather enjoying himself. I think he feels he’s gone all pan-global and exotic, what with his high desert plains in California and verdant tropical lushness in the Asian city state. I can hear him now: “How’s the weather in Singapore? Humid? Again? Well, there’s another dry heat in Palm Springs.”

Selling Unique Homes & Property

Undoubtedly one of the many pleasures of selling unique homes is the unendingly interesting and diverse range of people we get to talk to. And, really, I wouldn’t have been able to write the preceding paragraph if everyone in this particular sale hadn’t had the courtesy to live where they live, so it adds a special something to the daily journal as well.

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