Boxing Day browse: unique & unusual homes to surf from the sofa

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Paul Travers

Filled to the brim with festive food? Shying away from the scrum of the sales? Committed to curling up on the couch? Well, good news! 


There’s really no need to get up and go out. Give your feet a rest and your eyes a feast with a laid-back leaf through our current collection of unique and unusual homes.


Whether you’re looking to buy or looking for fun, you can choose between searching your favourite category or viewing the full portfolio. 


Happy browsing, and happy new year!


Coastal and waterside

unique and unusual homes - converted barges, seaside townhouses and riverside homes for sale

Live on a boat or live by the sea. However you like your H20, cruise through a collection of converted barges, seaside townhouses and riverside pads.




Warehouses and lofts

unique and unusual homes - converted warehouses, factories and lofts for sale

Industrial living takes many forms, from sleek Art Deco factories to rugged Victorian warehouses and atmospheric riverside wharves – take your pick from some of the best in London.




Listed & historic homes

unique and unusual homes - listed and historic homes for sale

From railways to royal connections to regency squares, these heritage homes cover centuries of changing styles, classic forms and captivating character.




Live work

unique and unusual homes - live work homes for sale

Never commute again with these homes specifically designed for living and working. Forget squeezing a desk into a cupboard or balancing a laptop on your knees at the top of the stairs – it’s time to go pro!




All unique & unusual homes

unique and unusual homes for sale

Get the best of everything by exploring all our listings in one place for the ultimate, multi-disciplinary viewing experience.




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