Author: Paul Travers

Window of opportunity.

Owners of Unique Properties can Capitalise Right now, owners of unique homes can heavily capitalise on a series of positive factors. As well as the

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Broaden Your Horizons

Seeing more and more unique homes outside London.  You’ve probably heard plenty already about the wave of city folk moving out of town. People either

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Leaving London

Is a big city exodus on the cards? There’s definitely an air of moving outwards that’s come over the property market. In the last few

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Remote Control.

Is a live/work revolution coming? Everything has changed when it comes to working from home. Suddenly, millions of people who thought they’d be tied to

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Pack your bags.

Falling out of love with home. Being cooped up together, every single day and with no outside distractions drives many a happy couple to go

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Unique 4, Rightmove 1.

The alternative market is real. Pretty much across the board, Rightmove is the number one source of enquiries for every single estate agent in the

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Green Energy

Not all tenants ruin your garden. Take a look at this garden. Beautiful, right? Well this is how it looks a few months AFTER the

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