A Quiet Day.

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Do you ever have a day at work when you genuinely have nothing to do? It is a very rare thing,  but sometimes you could really do with one.

Whether it’s handling incoming enquiries, arranging viewings and valuations, talking to people in their current – or future – homes, or chasing up the process for ongoing sales and lettings, it would be fair to say our to-do list is rarely empty. Even in a challenging market estate agency is fairly relentless, and obviously it’s good to have a business with plenty going on, but it can be quite a challenge to find the time to sit down and plan the future.

There is lots we want to do at Unique this year. We’ve got loads of great ideas floating around that we want to explore, and some that are already in motion, but there’s a difference between having an idea and executing one, with the missing component generally time. And so you get used to squeezing in thoughts about the future between appointments and tasks, rather than having the space for a day of full creative immersion (as they say in the design world).

However, every once in a while, the planets do align to deliver a quiet day. Yesterday was like that, so we grabbed the opportunity with both hands to sit down and work through the detail of some of our ideas and put some plans into action. Not only was it extremely productive, it was extremely  delightful! There is very little as exciting as the future, and feeling as though you are designing it – rather than being simply carried into it – is nothing short of thrilling. Everyone but everyone loves having things to look forward to.

Today of course, it’s immediately back to normal as a quick look at the inbox and diary confirms. But we don’t mind saying there’s an added spring in our step with yesterday’s achievements.

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