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The ideal working-from-home solution?

You’ve probably lost count of the amount of articles on working from home since the first lockdown of 2020. So much has been written on multifunctional spaces, homeschooling, zoning a room for work and domestic use, and all manner of crisis management techniques for dealing with all the upheaval presented by COVID-19.

But what about looking further forward? For some people, working from home has been a total revelation and a complete joy, with many new ventures begun from the UK’s couches, kitchens and spare bedrooms. For others, it’s been nothing less than a nightmare and they can’t wait to return to the office, colleagues and normality.

Either way, having to juggle space, find temporary solutions, and use the dining table for an office and classroom at the same time has been a common challenge. Having a place to work without being disturbed feels like total fantasy for many of us, while leaving work behind at the end of the day seems an impossible dream when the desk is in the corner of the bedroom or living room.

It seems like the only answer to working from home, is to get the workspace out of the house! But surely that’s an oxymoron? Well, maybe not and a couple of homes have given us inspiration for how to make that a reality.

In leafy Chipstead in Surrey, a former Victorian reading room is now a three bedroom house with a detached guest lodge next door. Alongside the 1,500 sq ft of the main house, this separate building provides a further 224 sq ft that’s currently a place for guests for stay, but could easily make a place for work. With a commute as short as can be – about 10 seconds – the act of leaving the house to go to work provides that valuable separation that’s missing for so many.

The detached nature of the lodge means peace and quiet for guests, but with the main house completely inaudible from within, it’s also the perfect working environment for greater concentration without disturbances. It’s also an ideal place to receive clients without impacting on the home environment; particularly useful for anyone running a practice where personal privacy concerns.

For sale at £895,000 – click here for details: https://bring-your-hardhat.website/UPC/…/converted-lodge…/

Of course, a workspace could also be separate within a home if it had an entire area to itself, rather than just one room. An extension to the side, into the loft or up on the roof might provide the answer, and could even remove the need to move home. For anyone looking to buy, the idea of creating a unique and tailored space might present an exciting opportunity.

In Forest Hill in South East London, a former workshop at Havelock Walk sits in a cobbled Victorian Mews where the converted industrial buildings are now home to a thriving creative community.

The current floorplate of 4,336 sq ft² is split across two storeys: a natural workspace on the ground floor that’s currently used as an artist’s studio, and an open-plan first floor living area. On top of the building, planning permission was previously granted to add another floor, and to raise the existing 2,250 sq ft roof up another level, increasing the interior space and improving the view to boot! With all that accommodation and workspace, the possibilities are many and varied.

For sale at £1,750,000. Click here for details: https://bring-your-hardhat.website/UPC/…/industrial-house…/

Working from home is already the norm for a lot of our clients, with many of the homes we sell already having a space for – and used as – an office, studio or creative space. And many of the people who buy through us are seeking an unusual space that lends itself to a combination of uses.

Whether you’re looking to escape the city for trees and fields, or stay in London for all its culture and buzz, there are multiple working-from-home solutions to fit with your lifestyle. It’s just a matter of finding them!

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