5 Different Ways To Channel Industrial Style

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Sophie Bush

Sophie Bush from Warehouse Home takes us through five different interpretations of industrial style and how to inject your home with different elements, from new and vintage pieces to furniture, lighting and accessories.

When I bought my warehouse home in 2012 and started to decorate it, I was looking for furniture and lighting that suited its original features (exposed brickwork, steel columns, wooden floors). There was so much history and character that I wanted to honour and amplify. But I also wanted a comfortable, contemporary home. Searching for furniture, lighting and other bits, I realised that there were so many different ways to complement those warehouse elements. I could find industrial designs from high-street brands and high-end designers. And there were some amazing vintage industrial pieces and reclaimed items to be found too. There were clearly so many different ways to interpret the industrial trend – and it became obvious to me that it could actually be adapted to any home.

There are 5 main ways to interpret and achieve industrial style. And each can be adapted to any interior:

Vintage Industrial

A fantastic renovation opportunity, currently for sale at Spratt’s Factory, London.

Industrial Luxe

Image courtesy of Warehouse Home magazine Issue Five.

Soft Industrial

Project by architect Erica Severns, featured in the bestselling Warehouse Home book.

Colourful Industrial

Image courtesy of Warehouse Home magazine Issue Six.

Modern Industrial

Project by architect Angus Pond, featured in the bestselling Warehouse Home book.

So… Which will you choose?

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Our guest contributor Sophie Bush is the founder of Warehouse Home. Warehouse Home combines a specialist real estate agency uk, interior design studio and online homeware store. The brand also produces an award-winning blog, an internationally renowned magazine and has published a bestselling book. Warehouse Home real estate agency is a sister-agency to Unique Property Company.

To learn more about Warehouse Home visit the website.

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