Looking For Your Dream Home

At Unique, we’re committed to help you find the home you always dreamed about, even if your requirements might be tricky or quite specific.

Our property matching service is truly second to none and each clients receives only genuine, unique matches, not all the new stock.

Come and talk to us about your home project and rest assured our capable team will be on the lookout for you.

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Whether you are looking for residential, investment or international property finance Unique Private Finance can help

We are a leading UK financial services advisory firm offering independent advice to help you make the right choices for your circumstances.

Unique Private Finance specialise in the top-end of the market and we can finance, refinance or insure any property type anywhere in the world.

We can also arrange cover to protect you or your family from unforeseen circumstances

Contact 0870 900 4050 ­ or
finance@uniquepropertycompany.co.uk ­ for some
Unique advice.


Unique Property Company have a dedicated Property Management department that specialises in looking after and ensuring the smooth running of tenancies.

We specialise in dealing with Unique tenancies and for that reason we have tailored a Unique service to ensure both landlords and tenants are looked after in the best way possible.

Whether you are a first time Landlord or an experienced investor with a portfolio of properties, it makes sense to have professional expertise at hand to ensure you get the best advice and service available.

There are so many aspects to Property Management and the following examples should give you a good idea of how employing a Property Management company to look after your tenancy can make your life easier:


This is top of most Tenant's agendas and lack of it is the most common cause of conflict between Tenant and Landlord. It is often misunderstanding about who is responsible for what that can cause this conflict, but it can often be avoided if correctly handled. Using our experience we can often resolve maintenance issues on the phone without needing to send out a contractor and thus avoiding unnecessary expense to our Landlords. In addition to this we have built long standing relationships with contractors who are at our disposal and whom we trust to get jobs done to a high standard, in good time and at a reasonable price.


All Landlords dread the day their Tenant fails to pay the rent on time and hopefully it will never be an issue. However, it does happen to some and it is then vital to have the help and advice of a knowledgeable managing agent. We work to an organised system which is designed to get late rent paid before arrears get out of hand. We will also be able to talk you through the complicated laws and procedures surrounding the legal recovery of unpaid rent and evicting a non-paying Tenant should the unthinkable happen. We will even appear in court on your behalf if the worst comes to the worst.